Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Buyer Information

The Vintage Spectrum
Vintage means pre-loved, means second-hand. None of our items are brand new unless we state otherwise. Buying vintage is resurrecting clothes that still have centuries of life left in them, and giving them a new lease of life, until they can die a rightful death. If you are about saving the Earth, vintage is your style match made in heaven- it’s all about recycling.

Most importantly, vintage means one of a kind. You probably will never, ever, never find an identical item to the one posted ever again in your life. Don’t let it go or live in regret. Forever.

Condition Scale
Our “Condition Scale” is as follows: Perfect (1st) , Excellent (2nd) , Good (3rd). The scale generally represents the level of wear. Any flaws will be disclosed in the description of the amazing vintage piece. Considering that the clothes are pre-loved, please allow for miniscule imperfections that cannot be seen by the naked eye. We sincerely try to describe everything about the condition of the item. Cross our heart, hope to die.

All measurements provided are given in inches and taken when item is laid flat (2 dimensional). Items hang loose on model unless stated “clipped”, and model measures 30”-24”-32” (UK6, US0). Rather than just using the model as a gauge, we recommend you to compare the accurately measured measurements with that of a similar item that you own to best assess the fit.